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Liquid Soap


GOJO® Micrell® Antibacterial Lotion Soap -1000 mL NXT®

Specially formulated antimicrobial lotion soap for foodservice establishments. Quick-acting PCMX formulation is triclosan-free and gentle on hands. Effective degreasing agent. Kills the most common bacteria that may cause illness.

GOJO® Ultra Mild Antimicrobial Lotion Soap -1000 mL NXT®

With chloroxylenol. Mild antibacterial lotion hand soap. Triclosan-free formulation. Gentle on skin.

Ecolab® Clean & Smooth™ Lotion Skin Cleanser -Gal.

Gentle and creamy lotion soap enriched with emollients and moisturizers. Signature honey-almond fragrance.

Ecolab® Antibacterial Clean & Smooth™ - Gal.

Contains soothing emollients for gentle cleaning. Ideal for kitchen and restroom. EcoNomical, high quality with a light honey almond scent. Pleasant scent, non-medicinal. Hygienically sealed cartridge refill system saves time; eliminates waste and spillage. Active ingredient Triclosan kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, helping to minimize the risk of expensive foodborne illness incidents. USDA Authorized.

Scott® Pink Lotion Skin Cleanser - Gal. Pour

Provides gentle cleaning. Easy-to-rinse lather. Specially packaged for use in restrooms, where refillable soap dispensers are already in use. One gallon pour-type jug. Fragrance: Peach.

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