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Low Density


Clear Liner - 43 x 48, 1.75 mil

Low density can liners feature high strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance. Excellent yard bag and for outdoor use.  100/cs

Low Density Black Liners

Excellent odor and moisture barrier made from high quality resins for puncture and tear resistance. Great for outdoor use, kitchens, yard waste and other trash with sharp and rough edges.
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Berry Hospi-Tuff® Folded Liner - 33 x 39, 1 mil, Blue

Linear low density, folded, one-at-a-time dispensing - Flat bottom seal, unprinted. Hospi-Tuff meets Federal EPA standards.  250/cs

Berry Big City®-D w/Degradable Additives Liners

Made with high quality linear low density resins, these liners deliver the performance you've come to expect from the Big City brand, plus important "Green" advantages that make them a smart choice for environmental sustainability. Contains a special oxo-biodegradable additive that stimulates photodegradation (UV) and oxidation to reduce the moleclar weight of the plastic film. When exposed to UV light, heat and oxygen, this two-step process breaks down the plastic into small fragments, which are then able to degrade. Green tint.
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