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Molded Fiber Bowls


PrimeWare® Diamond Collection Bowl w/Rim - 12 oz.

Eco-friendly and compostable. Excellent for serving hot and cold foods with style and elegance. Made from renewable resources. Molded fiber material. White.


PrimeWare® Heavy Molded Fiber Bowl - 12 oz.

The PrimeWare line of table ware is designed to be strong, with large surface areas to accommodate any snack or meal. It is cut resistant, grease resistant and microwaveable. Biodegradable and compostable. Produced with 100% Bagasse, a sustainable resource.


PrimeWare® Oval Bowls & Lids

Provides food service operators with a convenient, multi-purpose product to serve foods such as rice bowls, pasta, salads or stuffed baked potatoes and everything in between.

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