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Baking Cups, Holders, & Liner


McNairn Greaseproof Bakery Pan Liner - 16.375" x 24.375"

Single use sheet. Good for baking messy items. Low to moderate temperature ranges. Quilon coated.

McNairn Quilon Greaseproof Pan Liner - 16 3/8" x 24 3/8"

A quality pan liner at an economical price. Quilon coated with good release designed for medium temperature baking.

McNairn Bakelon™ GVP Bakery Pan Liner - 16 3/8" x 24 3/8"

Genuine vegetable parchment. Silicone coated. SP-35-1624.

McNairn Q-Bake Plus Pan Liner - 16.375" x 24.375"

Pan liners help to eliminate clean-up and provide a sure release for product cooked on the liner.

Handgards® Pan Handlers® Ovenable Pan Liner - Full Pan

Helps you handle food preparation. Make clean-up a snap. Eliminate scouring and scrubbing of pans to remove baked-on foods. Clear. Eliminate dried-out and burned-on foods. Bags will not impart odor or taste to food.