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Flavorings & Syrup


Torani® Classic Caramel Syrup - 750 mL

Take the buttery rich flavor you enjoy and add a dark caramelized taste, then tack on a subtle fruity finish and you will be back for seconds.

Torani® Mango Syrup - 750 mL

Golden orange in color with the aroma of freshly peeled fruit, it has the exotic flavor of tropical mangoes. Try this fresh flavor in iced teas, daiquiris & sodas.

Torani® Passion Fruit Syrup - 750 mL

If the exotic bouquet doesn't seduce you, then the pure and sweet juiciness surely will. Mix up a cocktail, close your eyes and sail away. A great addition to cocktails, mocktails, and iced teas.

Torani® Strawberry Syrup - 750 mL

Strawberries awake memories of spring and summer. But you can enjoy this treat all year round. Classic addition to Italian sodas, iced teas, and lemonades.

Torani® Vanilla Syrup - 750 mL

There's nothing ho-hum about this original leading lady. And nothing beats the original. Inspired by premium vanilla flavor, it's clean, pure and creamy. A classic addition to lattes, teas, and iced coffees.