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Sponges, Scrub & Scour Pads


Scotch-Brite® Doodlebug™ Easy Erasing Pad 4610

Perfect for spot cleaning. Wet pad, use white side to erase marks.

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Scotch-Brite® Griddle Screen No. 200CC

This griddle cleaning system, designed for use on griddles that have been cooled down, replaces scrapers, grill stones and grill bricks that disintegrate. Size: 4" x 5.25".

Tolco® Mighty Sponge™

Environmentally Friendly. Use only water instead of harsh chemicals to remove stains. Unique blue core allows you to use 100% of both melamine surfaces. White/Blue. 4.33" L x 2.75" W x 1.55" H. Individually wrapped.

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Scrubble® Half Size Fine White Backed Scrubber Sponge

Yellow cellulose sponge with light-duty white scouring pad. Ideal for porcelain, china, Teflon™ & Silverstone™. Won't scratch Plexiglas™ or other sensitive surfaces.

Scotch-Brite® Power Sponge No. 3000

Two cleaning tools in one--Scotch-Brite™ Power Pad 2000 combined with a sponge that will stay fresh longer. Size: 2.8" x 4.5" x 0.6".

Scotch-Brite® Delicate Duty Scrub Sponge 435

Gently cleans without scratching. 4.4" x 2.6" x 0.8".

Scotch-Brite® Light Duty Scrub Sponge No. 63

Light duty cleaning pad/sponge won't scratch or mar most surfaces. Size: 3.6" x 6.1" x 0.7".

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Scotch-Brite® Medium Duty Scrub Sponge No. 74

Dual action green cleaning pad/yellow sponge works well on walls, tables, fixtures, countertops and floors. Size: 3.6" x 6.1" x 0.7".

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Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scour Pad No. 86

Open construction pad with tough fibers and abrasives make fast work of heavy duty cleaning jobs. Size: 6" x 9".

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Scotch-Brite® Non-Stick Cookware Cleaning Pad 9000

Thick, hand-sized scouring pad ideal for cleaning non-stick cookware. Specially designed for cleaning hot griddles with mirror or highly polished finishes. 4" x 5.25".

Scotch-Brite® Light Duty Scrubbing Pad No. 9030

A convenient thick, hand-size pad designed for gentle, no-scratch cleaning of the most delicate surfaces. Size: 3.5" x 5".

Scotch-Brite® General Purpose Scour Pad No. 96

It replaces steel wool and metal sponges and won't leave metal slivers in hands or food. Long lasting, non-rusting and resilient. It's the original synthetic scouring pad and a performance pacesetter. Use it for everyday cleaning of most cooking utensils and equipment.

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Scotch-Brite® Light Duty Cleansing Pad No. 98

Soft, non-woven fibers and mild abrasive gently, but thoroughly cleans most surfaces. Size: 6" x 9".

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3M™ Niagara™ Light Duty Hand Pad No. 98N

For light duty cleaning, won't scratch or dull surfaces. Size: 6" x 9".

3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ Blue Pad No. 8242

For medium duty cleaning and scrubbing. Fits pad holder 6472. Size: 4 5/8" x 10".

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3M™ Brand Doodlebug™ Brown Scrub 'n Strip Pad No. 8541

For heavy duty cleaning. Size: 4 5/8" x 10". 5 per package, 4 packs per case.

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Tolco® Swivel Pad Holder w/Universal Locking Collar

Features "all direction" swivel action. Universal locking collar accepts 15/16" tapered handle or threaded handle. Blue.

P&G Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser - 4 ct.

Powerful multi purpose cleaning with water alone. Water activated microscrubbers lift and remove dirt around your home. No harsh chemicals.

Goldmax Poly King® Stainless Steel Scrubber (50g)

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Griddle Brick

Pumice Scouring Stick

Cleans porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry and iron. Removes lime, rust, stains and paint. Individually wrapped.

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