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Shampoo - Hair & Body


Kleenex® Foam Hair & Body Wash - 1 L

Protein enriched with emollients and other skin conditioning agents. Rinses clean without leaving a soapy residue. Use cassette dispenser: 92144, 92145.
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Spartan Lite'n Foamy® Foaming Pearlux - Gal.

A high end, designer type hand, hair and body wash formulated for luxurious foam delivery through Spartan's Lite 'N Foamy Dispenser. Milky white in color, pleasing fragrance. Low viscosity.
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Spartan Lite'n Foamy Sunflower Fresh Hand, Hair & Body Wash

A BioRenewables foaming hand, hair and body wash, formulated with biobased ingredients made from renewable resources. This designer type foaming product was designed to be used with Spartan's Lite'n Foamy dispenser. The biobased raw materials used in Lite'n Foamy Sunflower Fresh produce a luxurious foam that leaves the skin clean and soft after each use. This cutting edge formulation contains naturally derived actives to form an excellent lather to clean daily soils found on the skin and hair. Contains Aloe Vera to prevent the skin from drying out. All the ingredients are safe to the skin and will not contribute to flaking and itching. Rich emollients and refreshing sunflower fragrance. Green Seal™ Certified.
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Spartan Spa Body Shampoo - Gal.

Luxurious, ultra cosmetic ingredients provide thick, rich lather for hair and body cleansing. Fortified with aloe vera and lanolin. Free rinsing. High sudsing Last longer than bar soap. pH 6.5 - 7.5.
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