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Specialty Cleaners / Polishes


Carroll® Lemon Drop Oil Polish For Wood - Qt.

Clean, polish, and protect fine furniture with this lemon scented polish. Brings out the beauty in any wood surface. Contains no silicone or abrasives.  12/cs

Zani Clean High Performance Cleanser

Specially formulated to be a safe and effective soft scrub cleaner that polishes as it cleans. Available in lavender and original scent.
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Ecolab® Medallion® - 6/32 oz.

RTU stainless steel cleaner and polish. Removes light soil and restores sheen. Protective luster helps keep out soil and moisture, making cleanup easier. Non-aerosol, non-butyl. Better for the environment. Easy on hands. USDA Authorized.  6/cs

Carroll® Brite Boy Metal Polish

Available in various sizes. Cleans, restores and protects. White color; ready to use.
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Spartan Citro Shield Furniture Polish

Cleans and polishes all types of wood, wood paneling, marble formica, stainless steel, vinyl upholstery and appliances. Contains lemon oil. pH 8.0 - 9.0. 20 oz. cans; Net 18 oz.
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Spartan Premium Wood Polish RTU Handi Spray® - Qt.

Silicone base. Fortified with carnauba wax. Provides quick, high shine with no oily residue. pH 7.5. 12/32 oz. per case, with flip top closures. 3 trigger sprayers.
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Spartan Stainless Steel Cleaner Polish

Quickly removes fingerprints, grease, oil, coffee and food spills, ink and even built-up grime. pH 8.0 - 9.0. 12/20 oz. cans; Net 16 oz.
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Spartan Superior High Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

An oil-based formula, specifically for use on stainless steel, chrome, and other non-porous washable surfaces. Pleasant lemon scent. 20 oz. (Net wt. 15 oz.) aerosol cans.
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