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Specialty Bags


Handgards® Tuffgards® Bun Pan Rack Cover

Sanitary full size cover for bun pan rack. Domestically made of HDPE film. Strong, tough, tear resistant & easy to identify contents of bun rack. Clear w/Star Seal Top. Roll Pack, 52 x 80.  50/cs

Elkay® Wet Pack Grocery Bag #4 - 5 x 3 x 11

Wet pack bags are an 'extra service" item that retail and take out customers appreciate, because they isolate cold and/or wet items and help protect other dry items in the same bag from damage. Made from white high density polyethylene and are packaged in easy dispensing counter packs. Sizes correspond with conventional paper bags sizes. .5 mil.  1000/cs

Foil Sandwich Bag - Hot Dog, Plain

Whether selling to convenience stores, sporting events, schools, or fast food outlets, nothing keeps food warmer than a good foil bag. Brown sells a multitude of designs for many different food types. Foil on the outside paper on the inside.  1000/cs

Theater Style Automatic Popcorn Bags

Available in sizes from 32 oz. to 170 oz. in black and yellow colors. Grease resistant lined. SOS style.
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