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A Look Into Ventures, Inc.

Ventures Associates, Inc. was organized in July 1965 by Yoshito Nakashima and five friends. The company was originally intended as a holding company for several business ventures. Hence the name, Ventures Associates. The business dabbled in real estate, maintained rental properties and even looked into lighted golf driving ranges at one point.

In January 1969, the company branched out into the merchandise business with an office, warehouse, two employees and a dream. The merchandising business started in a renovated section of the Kauai Commercial warehouse in Port Allen. During the early years, Ventures sold office supplies, office equipment, audio-visual supplies and paper products. In 1979, after ten years of merchandising, Ventures Associates purchased Office Machines, Inc. and merged the operations. Ventures entered the office machine sales and service business.

Throughout the 1980's, Ventures Associates grew rapidly riding the wave of increasing tourism. Distribution of sanitary paper and disposable food-service items overtook office equipment and supplies. Ventures continued to boom along with the number of hotel rooms on Kauai. Not missing a beat with Hurricane Iwa in 1982, Ventures was able to weather the storm and keep pace. The rest of the 1980's proved to be strong growth years for Ventures Inc and would sling-shot the company into the new age.

In 1987, Yoshito Nakashima and his group of shareholders sold Ventures Associates to Peter Yukimura of Yukimura's Inc. Yukimura's Inc. was a conglomerate including a major food distribution business, travel agency, sausage manufacturing company, various real estate holdings and investments. Ventures Associates was always kept a separate entity, still operating out of Port Allen.

In 1994, Ventures Associates moved out of Port Allen into centralized Lihue. Yukimura's Inc., holder of the master lease of one of the largest industrial warehouses in Lihue, leased a portion to Ventures. Moving to a centrally located warehouse was a catalyst for Ventures Associates growth. Ventures researched and expanded into cleaning chemicals to broaden our product line. Soon Ventures was representing Ecolab, Inc. as the largest distributor of chemical products on Kauai.

In 1999 another ownership change occurred in Ventures Associates. After working for Peter Yukimura and Yukimura's Inc. for 11 years, Ross Nakashima and Naka's Inc. purchased Ventures Associates. Ross and Pat Nakashima are the shareholders and sole owners of Naka's Inc. Naka's Inc. also owns Hawaii Paper Products, Inc. in Hilo. Naka's Inc. also purchased Harders in Hilo and merged it into Hawaii Paper Products, Inc.

Ventures Associates, Inc. was started on Kauai and has always remained a Kauai owned and managed business. Our dedication to our customers and our aloha spirit run deep and our customers are our first priority on our little island in paradise.